Sunday, January 10, 2010

Holiday Highlights...

With December comes insanity, and I haven't had a chance to post on all the cooking I did throughout the month and the holidays. Here are the highs (and a few lows) on the deliciousness of December. (And I wonder why I started 2010 8 pounds heavier--umm, check out one of my fave repeat desserts of Christmas trip--my mom's chocolate cake with Blue Bell Peppermint Ice Cream.)

Sidebar on Blue Bell--it really is "the best ice cream in the country," as they advertise. But, alas, it is not available in the Northeast, so I have no choice but to gorge myself on it when I am in Houston visiting the fam. This is a common theme for me in Texas--getting while the getting is good. I have been known to eat TexMex over several consecutive days, pile up large plates of barbeque brisket, and consume entire gallon tubs of Blue Bell over a 3-day visit (it doesn't travel well, so what are you going to do?).

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