Monday, March 28, 2011

Back in the, kitchen...

So I'm back. I know it's been awhile, but my New Year's resolution (I know it's March) was to begin blogging again. The truth is I spent all day yesterday cooking, which made me long to tell you lovely people how it all went. I tried out this Turkey Pozole soup recipe from the Today Show. I highly recommend it--it's relatively healthy (for those of us who are trying to be slaves to our Weight Watchers points), and very tasty. And we all know I have a soft spot (my belly, ha!) for anything related to Mexican fare. The recipe calls for turkey meat, so I took it upon myself to purchase a frozen turkey breast, which actually worked just fine (although it did clock in at 3 lbs, a little more than the 2 lbs. the recipe calls for). Just make sure your turkey meat is fully thawed (unlike mine)--it was definitely tough to get the browning going. More soon...hope you missed me and my musings on all things food!

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