Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Fear of Phyllo and All Things Dough

I admit it--one of the reasons I picked the mixed green salad with goat cheese wrapped in phyllo dough (aside from the festive way that goat cheese resembled a little present) was to overcome my fear of phyllo. The last time I attempted to use the dough was disastrous--dough crumbling and breaking all around me. Now I was determined to at least get through the phyllo dough. Even if my goat cheese gifts didn't turn out that pretty, I had to prove to myself that all hope was not lost on phyllo. I very carefully set up my station of wet towels to cover the dough, melted butter, and the other tools advised by all the articles I had read on phyllo. And then I started.

And the result? Not bad, semi-acceptable. I'll take it.

So surely after my encounter with phyllo, I thought the puff pastry for my savory palmiers would be cake. So much so, that apparently I didn't read the recipe very well, and baked the pastry whole instead of slicing them and then baking. Y-eah.

They were a lot greasier as a result, and when I did slice them, I smushed them down. The "puffing" part of the "puff pastry" would have worked much better if I had actually followed the directions.

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