Sunday, August 23, 2009

Just for the "Halibut"

So after hours of julienning (butternut squash, leeks, zucchini), I cut my carefully measured parchment paper rectangles into hearts, and went about assembling.

I had way too many vegetables, and when I put the halibut on top and tried to fold over the paper, it didn't close. Typical. So I made my own adjustments and took yards of parchment paper, wrapping everything up (very carefully, so the steam didn't escape, like Anne said. No one wants dried out fish.)

When all was said and done (around 11:00 PM), the meal turned out ok, considering the preceding few hours. There wasn't really a dramatic steam escape when we opened our little parcels, but it wasn't dry, so maybe I did something right. Note to self, though: just because you know the secrets of a restaurant chef doesn't mean you can actually use them.

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  1. Hooray for talking about food and pictures about food and, you know, all things food related. Good stuff!