Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Mussels

Once everyone arrived and started snacking, I sat down and sighed. After all, everything had been prepped and just had to be put in the oven. And I had to steam the mussels. I had left the mussels for last because, after all, you just had to throw them in with some wine and butter, right?


Once I looked at the page preceding the mussels recipe in "the book," I knew I was in for it. Mussels have to be scrubbed with a brush, de-bearded (who knew mussels had beards?), and then soaked in water to get rid of sand and grit.

Luckily I had some enthusastic guests who were eager to help.

Soon (well, after a few glasses of wine), the mussels became stars in their own right.

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