Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Weehawken Kitchen

I can't say that my life is particularly interesting. Or that anyone might actually care enough about my wacky kitchen messes enough to visit here regularly. But I find humor in myself. Life is too short to be taken seriously.

So if this blog only serves to amuse me and document the insanity that ensues as I attempt to create edible masterpieces, then so be it. Laughing at yourself in the middle of a kitchen wrecked with olive oil and tomatoes (on an Italian day) or flour and butter and sugar (on a baking day) or all of the above (on a dinner party day) is fun (and helps ease the cleaning process), but looking at the photos a few weeks later and reliving the moment is what drives you to do it all over again.

Welcome to my Weehawken Kitchen!


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